“Nyogon: together” Food Doc Seed&Spark Campaign Funder

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Live in a city or small town? If a natural disaster were to hit, you’d probably have food to survive until the city services and stores opened up again. What if that natural disaster hit day after day after day? How would you feed yourself after the grocery stores were raided, and you ran out of canned food? Now the few wild animals, pigeons, coyotes have been hunted, dare I say…even your pets started looking appetizing. What if that natural disaster continued for years? What if this is happening now?! This is Climate Change and there’s a reason why it’s moving from buzz word to normal conversation.

I am co-producing a beautiful film set in Mali, Africa directed by Michael Axtell called “Nyogon: together”. The film follows a farmer using a groundbreaking plant-breeding model to save his village from hunger and the scourge of climate change. What if this model can also help avoid a worldwide food crisis?

We have officially launched the Seed&Spark campaign funder! Interested in learning how to feed yourself on a planet that is quickly running out of resources? Check out our movie campaign.

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“Nyogon (Together)”, Donor Pitch Trailer

“Nyogon (Together)” Documentary, Donor Pitch Trailer
From Dreaming Monk Productions. In association with African Sky.
An impassioned American anthropologist in Mali just might have discovered the method to end famine.
Director: Michael Axtell
Associate Producer: Ezra J Stanley
Donate or get involved at www.NyogonMovie.com


“The Wedding of Sheila & Anshu”

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“The Wedding of Sheila & Anshu”
A commissioned art film for the wedding of Sheila Garcia & Anshu Jain that took place over 3 days of extravagant events in San Juan, Puerto Rico! (February 5, 6, 7 2015). This art film contains five separate films; a blend of impressionist editing retold through fine art, commercial looks and music videos.
Video Artist: Ezra J. Stanley
Camera Op, DP: Alejandro Wilkins
Camera Op: Jessica Linderman
Production Co: AboveGrey Pictures


“Me You And Bruce” Music Video

“Me You And Bruce”
Commissioned by thoughtMotion Imaging.
Official Music Video for Amaze 88’s Track 17 from the Archano Archives.
Commissioned to create a working abstract music video from abstract footage. Directed and Shot by Alejandro Wilkins. Cut by Ezra J. Released July 23, 2013.


Anthropomorphism -“When Paintings Dance”

Anthropomorphism -“When Paintings Dance”
Commission by United Nations -American India Foundation
A behind the scenes film on the making of Anthropomorphism, a collaboration of Raghava KK’s paintings and Velocity Circus with Cirque Du Soleil dancers for the 2005 UN-AIF “Bowties & Bangles” benefit concert. Premiered during the concert.


Furn “Threads” Music Video

Cut by Ezra J
Directed by Mike Ahuja
Shot by Alejandro Wilkins at AboveGrey Pictures


Furn “White Flags” Music Video

Cut by Ezra J
Directed and Shot by Alejandro Wilkins at AboveGrey Pictures


“Bowties and Bangles” Concert

Benefit Concert for the United Nations – American India Foundation – 2005

Technical Stage Director, Commisioned Film Director


Videography by Hemant Vyas

Directed and worked with Artists:

Naach Dance Company 

Gregangelo’s Velocity Circus (with Cirque du Soleil dancers)

Suhailia Samlimpour performing “Sheherezade”

Raghava KK’s performance piece “Anthropomorphism”

MC’s include Two time Emmy award winning sports reporter Raj Mathai. Guest appearances Ann Getty, Bollywood Superstar Shilpa Shetty, and others. 1000 in attendance. Tickets $500.


TiEcon 2005 Concert

Art Director, Stage Director, Film Director

Directed and worked with Artists:

 Naach Dance Company

Leo-Leoptra and his Vegas Style Show

FRDC Dance Company

Tina Sugandh


TAAL Dance Company

Oleg’s Matrix Cube

DJ’s Karsh Kale and

DJ Nihal

DJ Cheb i Sabbah

 Comedian Brian Malow

2800 in attendance. Tickets $100-$500.