The Rainless Gallop

30″ x 40″. Oil on canvas. Private Gift. Family Collection.

With His Holiness – Study #1


24″ x 36″. Oil on canvas. Private Gift.

Here, a slight angle is floated just above the ocean of Santa Barbara during a full moon meditation with a Himalayan monk and other meditators (the latter persons not depicted in this study).

This is my first “wet on wet” oil painting, a majority of it whipped up in a day not waiting for it to dry due to an impromptu birthday gift for a magnificent fellow. The creation was a surprise for myself as well! The painting was actually publicly presented quite wet. This piece is part of my Meditative Art Series (MAS); this first study, a concerted effort to continue to auto-didactly sharpen my painting happenings and one of many future studies of a full moon meditation with an ordained Himalayan monk on the beaches of Santa Barbara.

This Is All, A Magical Work In Progress, Even This Includes That


30″ x 40″. Acrylic on canvas.


Changing Info Card.

A gift to the Mystic Castle. A changing installation for the guest bathroom. August 30th, 2016 current iteration. Thank you Damienne Merlina for sharing your pro acrylics and your art and life lessons; you are eternally a sweetheart.


“Bang Zoom!” OR “I Am Al-ways having fun!upside-down-face


16″ x 20″. Acrylic on canvas.

Perfectly appropriated, “Bang! Zoom” is the title of my favorite Bobby McFerrin album that blasted some loving company for the past few days n nights for this one. I’m sure I gave the Hollywood Bowl a run for their money. Sorry not sorry neighbors! ūüė¨ Not sure for sale yet, as that would be a first. ..And yes a smiley in the title because Fuckyeah!¬†Update September 2016: This piece has been privately gifted.


now we are That together, Together we are that Now


24″ x 36″. Oil on canvas.¬†

Private gift. Family collection.

My brother’s\friend’s new family is depicted in an early morning walk up San Francisco’s Bernal Hill, as the sun explodes the dusk sky bringing a radiance of a new day of Divine Now-ness, all in forced perspective. Between the awestruck newlyweds, their baby, who I have aged to her early kid years, swings over the array of plush wild California poppies.

Through a practice of meditation and self-enquiry, I continue to surprise mySelf or at least my brain continues to surprise the Self with more dimensions of Play, one notably is painting as another 2D medium. Summer 2014 to Winter 2015, I taught mySelf how to oil paint with this piece, sometimes pulling 18 hour a day sessions blasting deep house, neo disco and classical (I opted to do this instead of a fourth Burning Man). I’m patiently curious to see how long this Happening happens. This is my first large canvas and my first oil painting and gift. Presented to the family at the child’s first year of life with a letter and wall label for installation.



“O√Ļ tu Vas, Tu Es” OU “Te Voil√† Tu Fils de Salope!”
Wherever you Go, There You Are” OR “There You Are You Son of a Bitch!”


9″x 12″. Acrylic on canvas panel.

My second painting. Parc de Forest in Brussels, Belgium. Completed July 10, 2014. Available at EzraJeremiah DeviantArt. Original not for sale.


Move Without Fear And The Very Heavens Shall Follow

Single channel video, acrylic. Installation. Duration: 5 min, 32 sec loop.

Private Gift.
Instructions to the viewer:
Use headphones or optimal speakers.

Man On Stage


14″x11″. Pencil and Charcoal on Paper

For Robin Williams¬†who helped me big time confirm my path a decade ago when we were dirtily joking about my first video art piece. ‘Robin, your quick n filthy humor will always fester in my heart. Love ya man.’ ¬†Sketch of male model at ArtSpan/Dr. Sketchy’s event SF. Completed a day after the event February 14th, 2014. UPDATE January 2016: Original has been privately gifted.

Available on EzraJeremiah Deviant


Bravery In Winter

14″x11″, Pencil and Charcoal on Paper
Sketch of female model at ArtSpan/Dr. Sketchy’s event San Francisco. This was a figure sketch of just the female model. The scene was added a day after the event, and completed February 14th, 2014.
Available at Ezra Jeremiah Deviant

Dahlias with Ronen or Damn It You’ve Gotta Be Kidding Me, I Can’t Afford to Add Painting to My Art

10″ x 10″, Acrylic on Canvas Panel
Completed January 21st, 2014.
My first painting. Twenty hours of a lovely three day journey. An angle of the San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. Original not for sale. 
Available at Ezra Jeremiah DeviantArt

Thriller Resurrected “Alone With You” or A Lesson In Video Sculpture – Lesson 1

Playing with Thievery Corporation in Washington DC! @ The Yards, February 20 & 21.

¬†Due to an overwhelming response Laser Cat Art projector and my “Thriller vs Deadmau5 ‘Alone With You'” video art will now show as a large scale block party in Williamsburg Nov 20th 7-9pm!

To be projected through Laser Cat’s eyes on Manhattan Bridge Nov 20th 7-9pm!

Blasted through Laser Cat’s Eyes in Barcelona, Spain!

Blasted through Laser Cat on buildings and at the New World Center in Miami at ADC Arts and Crafts Award’s Night.


Video Art experimenting with matching individual syncopated rhythms (Deadmau5‚Ä≤s “Alone With You”), fear manipulation, successive image animation, eye and ear acuity, non-narrative and narrative play, and a redesign of dance choreography through a well known music video (Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” 1983). During the rapid cutting sequences the eyes should remain relaxed and non-blinking as to not insert one’s own hundredth millisecond black frame, thus missing the successive image experience. Full moon meditation gazing and eye strengthening exercises help. A four month project, this video piece contains around 1000 hand selected cuts. Rapid sequences that appear as ‘copy and paste’ repetition have been uniquely designed from starting frame to ending frame, as a marble sculptor would carefully select starting and ending chisel points. Scenes in the beginning of the piece use several layers of the same image, and have been cropped at different angles to achieve an effect. As a sculptor working with clay would add layers for an expanding three dimensional piece, this layering of the same image is envisioned as a vertical dimension of sculpting, compared to the horizontal progressional sculpting of narrative which is also occurring.

Released as a mobile party gift during Halloween 2012.


“PoolSide Psychopaths” video art film

Video Art Film shot on iPhone 4
Poolside Psychopaths, 2012




Installation piece. 68 second, repeated loop.
Premeire: November 2001. Stillwell Gallery, SFSU.